Changes Need a Place to Begin

There have been some recent changes to kids’ meals in fast food places. Panera Bread just recently came out that they were targeting kids when they began to offer the entire menu in smaller portions. The CEO of Panera Bread called out the other big names in fast food (Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s) to make changes to their kids’ menus. A McDonald’s rep stated they had already started to do this in the past when they started offering apple slices, clementines, and yogurt; replaced soft drinks with fat-free milk and apple juice; and decreased the size of french fries.


Do these changes mean that kids will automatically start eating salads and a bunch of greens instead of mac’n’cheese? Maybe not, but we’re moving in the right direction. Competition by these food chains is good not only for their business, but also in terms of improving nutrition. Health has never been such a focus for the public before now, and the more that nutrition science grows, the better off we will likely be in our physical health.


These changes are not only good for kids, but they can also make for suitable, smaller-sized meal options for adults, too. Just like with adults, kids need slow changes when it comes to eating healthier. Small steps often lead to lifelong changes. Giant, aggressive leaps often lead to rapid, failed attempts. The option for healthier choices need to be present before the healthier choice can be made. Let’s appreciate the progress.


Below is a link to an article on Panera’s changes.



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