Supplements vs. Whole Foods

Why are whole foods preferred over adding another supplement to your daily regimen? It’s simple — whole foods provide a whole lot of nutrients!

The U.S. mentality is often to choose a supplement to ensure adequate health. Why is this so important? When taking a supplement, you are only getting what is in that supplement. In other words, you don’t get other nutrients that your body needs. If you were to consume everything you needed through supplements, your plate might look something like this:

Eating a variety of foods provides numerous other compounds that your body needs. It’s not only cheaper, but it is optimal for overall health. The variety of nutrients provided by whole foods often depend on each other for use by the body. One example is vitamin B12 and folate. Folate requires vitamin B12 to become activated for things like synthesizing new DNA.

Supplements in the U.S. are not regulated by the FDA and have been found to be contaminated by such things as illegal drugs. Name brand companies often pose a safer choice because they have more to lose (consumer trust and subsequent product purchase) while internet options tend to be less than optimal. Consult your healthcare team for the best choice for you.

Supplements certainly have a role in promoting health but are best utilized when the diet is focused on whole foods and nutrient needs are still not being met.

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