We are the nutrition professionals you’ve been looking for!

Banister Nutrition LLC is the “first” and the most successful nutrition consulting practice in the Oklahoma City metro area. Over 150 physicians refer their patients for medical nutrition therapy plus many patients decide on their own to seek guidance to improve their health through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

We love changing people’s lives for the better.   We work with your head, heart, and lifestyle to create a customized solution you can truly live with.

Patients leave our office relieved, feeling a huge weight being lifted off. They see they can live a fuller life, free from hassles of their health, a life no longer consumed with food and eating.

You will frequently see us interviewed for T.V. and newspaper articles seeking our professional expertise and opinions. Physicians often call to inquire how they should handle their particular patients’ nutritional health diagnoses. We are all about finding the most current, innovative solution to provide our patients the best care and the best health.

Call or email to schedule an appointment to get started on feeling successful with your health: 405.755.7561  contactus@banisternutrition.com.


Change your habits. Change your health.
Change your life!

“I was diagnosed with being pre-diabetic (type 2) and was referred to Banister Nutrition. They did a great job working with and educating me on my eating habits in order to have a more healthy lifestyle. I the staff to be very professional and friendly during my consults. I would highly recommend their services to anyone, especially my friends and family.”

Robert Tharpe

“My sessions with Banister Nutrition have helped me lose approximately 10 pounds to date and lower my A1c number. The discussions we have related to proper diet may be things I have heard before but the Banister nutritionists give me the tools to execute a proper diet and achieve success. They help me recognize where my weaknesses are related to food but also provide encouragement. The Banister and Assoc. approach provides tips and suggestions that work with your lifestyle.”

Janet Elsener

“I have never lost this much weight nor have I ever keep off any weight that I have lost for this amount of time. Banister Nutrition has given me the secret to weight loss: ‘Your mindset is really the key to all your successes.’ “

Pamela Queen

Carol Banister, RD/LD, MS, CDE

Founder and President

Carol thrives on challenges, learning and growing which motivated her to open her private practice 33 years ago when it was unheard of a dietitian having her own nutrition counseling practice.

She is a registered/licensed dietitian with both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Kansas State University. She is a certified diabetes educator (CDE) and a certified insulin pump trainer.

Carol has been recognized by Kansas State University for her entrepreneurial business and the Oklahoma Dietetic Association for her years of service on the board. She was recently honored as a pioneer in the field of ‘eating disorders’ by the “Oklahoma Eating Disorder Association.”

Currently she serves on the alumni board for the College of Human Ecology at Kansas State University and the Internship board at Oklahoma State University. If you can’t find Carol engaged in one of the above activities you just might find her enjoying freedom and relaxation on her road bike or having fun with her children and grandchildren.

Carol Banister

Megan Kane, RD/LD, MS, CDE

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Teaching has always been one of Megan’s passions. She is certified to teach Shape Down, an adolescent weight management program and has taught undergraduate nutrition classes at Haskell Indian Nations University.

Megan is a member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and certified in Adult Weight Management by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Megan’s weight loss participants for 2 years showed an average of steady weight loss, a sign of true behavior change!

Megan has over 10 years of counseling experience as a registered/licensed dietitian and certified diabetes educator. She has worked in diabetes education, maternal and child nutrition, bariatric surgery, weight loss for adults and adolescents and corporate wellness.

Megan understands the challenges living gluten free because of two immediate family members who have celiac disease. She enjoys running, yoga, cooking and active outings with her young children and husband.

Megan Kane

Linn Stephens

Scheduling Coordinator

Linn is the friendly voice who will be calling you when we have received a referral form from your physician. She will cover all the details to get your appointment scheduled and report back to your physician. When you talk to Linn you will experience her warmth and desire to be helpful. You will find her very encouraging, while helping you understand positive changes are possible. Linn graduated from the University of Oklahoma and spent many years in the social work field.

Gina Denette

Office Manager

As our office manager, Gina will be the first welcoming face you see upon arrival to Banister Nutrition. With more than 18 years of office and billing experience, she can get you checked in, help with any of the new patient paperwork, or questions you might have about billing or insurance. Gina also does a great job at finding available times to set up future follow-up appointments. The office wouldn’t run without Gina’s hard work and we sure do appreciate her!

Whitney Warfield

College Intern

Whitney is a second year student at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, obtaining a Master of Arts in Dietetics and Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences. You may see Whitney in the office assisting with scheduling, phone calls, research, or shadowing our dietitians.